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Professional Air Duct Cleaning Service in Boise

Providing Quality Duct Cleaning Since 1967

Despite how clean you and your family may be or the efforts you make to clean your home, dust and allergens can collect over time in your vent system. Your filters can become clogged and as a result, your air conditioner can become less efficient. Allergens and grime which build up in your ducts can not only create an unhealthy breathing environment, but it can also leave an unpleasant odor behind. At Western Heating & Air Conditioning, we recommend air duct cleaning on a regular basis.

Our Boise HVAC specialists can not only keep your air ducts cleaned, but we can ensure they are sealed properly. We also want to check to see that your ducts are properly sealed so that air flow is not being wasted.

Depending on your needs, our air duct service may include:


Inspecting Ducts for Installation Defects


Inspecting Ducts for Perforations


Thoroughly Cleaning Dirty Air Ducts


Sealing Damaged Air Ducts

45+ Years of Experience in HVAC

If you are in need of air duct cleaning services, it is important to choose a reputable company you can count on to get the job done right. With more than four decades of experience, we have earned a reputation for the quality of our work. As a licensed, bonded, and insured company, we are dedicated to providing you with satisfactory Boise duct cleaning services. We are an industry leader, known for the caliber of products we provide and for our caring customer service.

Boise Air Duct Cleaning Services

If you believe that your HVAC system is operating inefficiently, but an inspection has not turned up any answers, the problem may not be your equipment. Your ductwork may not be sealed properly or may be filled with dust which is blocking the airflow. Whatever the issue may be, you can count on us to fix it.

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Replacing the Heating System

If you have a heating system that has served you for over 10 years, you may want to have it replaced. Such heaters require frequent repairs and are not as effective as they ought to be. When the time comes and you need to replace your heater, we will be happy to give our professional advice on the same. However, if the unit needs basic repairs, you can count on us to make it as good as new.

You can check out our furnace repair meridian page for more information.


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You do not have any reason why you should be shivering in the cold due to a broken heater. We offer professional and emergency furnace repair in Meridian. Talk to us and we will have one of our technicians help you have your heating system running smoothly and efficiently.

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