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Why You Should Have Us Service Your Water Heater

  • Annual flushing of your water heater removes sediment build, creating more space for hot water and faster recovery.
  • We inspect and service the heating elements/burner assembly, keeping your electric or gas unit functioning safely and efficiently.
  • Our Trust Certified Experts can service your water while they are out for your AC/furnace tune-up, saving you time and money.
  • We offer to replace the stock drain valve with a larger, 3/4 inch diameter ball valve, creating a more effective outlet for not only dirty water, but chunks of sediment to be removed. (A hose can be attached to this valve so you can wash your car, windows, etc. with hot water!)
  • Scheduled service prolongs the life of your water heater and is recommended by water heater manufacturers.
  • We flush your tank until the water runs clean so that the water you use to shower/bathe, wash dishes, do laundry, brush teeth, etc. runs clean and free of sediment buildup.


A la carte water heater servicing: $75

Added to Blue Ribbon Program: $60/year

Valve Upgrade: $40

Replacing the Heating System

If you have a heating system that has served you for over 10 years, you may want to have it replaced. Such heaters require frequent repairs and are not as effective as they ought to be. When the time comes and you need to replace your heater, we will be happy to give our professional advice on the same. However, if the unit needs basic repairs, you can count on us to make it as good as new.

You can check out our furnace repair meridian page for more information.


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