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Sensi Predict™


Advanced Home Technology – now for HVAC

Custom Sensor Technology

Attached to your current system, 10 sensors monitor 32 functions for performance and efficiencies.

24/7/365 Monitoring

Each time your HVAC runs, Sensi Predict’s smart hub streams information to the secure Emerson® cloud via Wi-Fi for diagnostics. Analyzing data on temperature, air flow, voltage and more, the system health and performance is reviewed and summarized. If a warning is detected, an alert will be emailed in real-time.

Predict. Prevent. Protect.

  • Predict unexpected issues:
    Continual checks ensure smaller problems are identified before growing into bigger ones
  • Lower costs:
    HVAC is a major gas and electricity consumer, making preventative maintenance able to save you up to 20% on utility costs
  • Prolong equipment life:
    Helps you stay ahead of essential maintenance for system longevity
  • Promote clean, healthy air:
    Regular maintenance ensures you’re always breathing healthy and clean air in your home

In-The-Know and In Control

Monthly reports summarize performance and energy use, while the system constantly monitors your HVAC’s health by reviewing data and your system’s standards. Predict can identify potential issues like freezing coils, compressor failure, or filter replacement needs. In the event an urgent problem is detected, there will be a real-time alert email, to you and your contractor, before you’re without a properly functioning HVAC.

Replacing the Heating System

If you have a heating system that has served you for over 10 years, you may want to have it replaced. Such heaters require frequent repairs and are not as effective as they ought to be. When the time comes and you need to replace your heater, we will be happy to give our professional advice on the same. However, if the unit needs basic repairs, you can count on us to make it as good as new.

You can check out our furnace repair meridian page for more information.


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You do not have any reason why you should be shivering in the cold due to a broken heater. We offer professional and emergency furnace repair in Meridian. Talk to us and we will have one of our technicians help you have your heating system running smoothly and efficiently.

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