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For decades, Western Heating & Air Conditioning has been delivering exceptional services to all those who are in need of professional HVAC services. We are committed to professionalism and excellence and if you need furnace repair in Nampa, Idaho, then you have come to the right place.

We can complete virtually any HVAC service, including:

  • Repairs
  • Installations
  • Maintenance Work
  • Upgrades

We are licensed, fully insured and bonded and we can handle all your heating needs. All our technicians are skilled and highly trained and through our experience, we exceed the needs of all our clients. You can rest assured that we are the right company to repair your furnace and ensure that you are enjoying quality heating.

How Repairs Save You in the Long Run

The furnace is one of the systems that you would never want to break down during winter. One of the ways that we have found to be useful in preventing breakdowns is through regular maintenance. Besides the heater repairs, we also provide regular maintenance.

We are a locally owned business and we have customers that all over Idaho and when you contact us, you can be sure of the best service. Contact us and we will be glad to assist you and keep your home warm.

A well-running HVAC system will bring the following benefits:


Rooms cool or heat more quickly


Air quality is cleaner


Utility bills are lower due to higher efficiency


Less electricity used means a smaller eco-footprint

Knowledgeable HVAC Experts

The moment you give us a call, one of our technicians will discuss the details of your furnace repair over the phone. In addition, they will set up an appointment at your home, which allows them to assess the condition of the heater. This will allow us to provide an accurate estimate for the work and ensure that we have the right approach for the furnace repair. It does not matter the time of the day or night when the heater breaks down, you can give us a call and we will arrive in a short while. We are always available and we offer emergency HVAC services.

Call (208) 718-9704 to schedule an appointment – we look forward to hearing from you!

Replacing the Heating System

If you have a heating system that has served you for over 10 years, you may want to have it replaced. Such heaters require frequent repairs and are not as effective as they ought to be. When the time comes and you need to replace your heater, we will be happy to give our professional advice on the same. However, if the unit needs basic repairs, you can count on us to make it as good as new.

You can check out our furnace repair meridian page for more information.


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You do not have any reason why you should be shivering in the cold due to a broken heater. We offer professional and emergency furnace repair in Meridian. Talk to us and we will have one of our technicians help you have your heating system running smoothly and efficiently.

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