The HVAC has the year-round task of providing the heat, air conditioning, and ventilation system for any vehicle, residential, or commercial structure. It provides one of the most vital functions for comfort during those extreme weather months. So as we head into the long stretch of summer, how confident are you that your HVAC system is going to hold out and push for the cooler temperatures you require? It not only cools off your home in the summer and keeps it warm in the winter; it balances the humidity in the vehicle or space so that you can breathe easily as it restores comfort to the space between uses. Without such a system, indoor air would be toxic and unbearably stuffy. The reason why these systems are so efficient is because of their ventilation aspects; that is, they quickly get the undesirable air (too hot, too cold) out while cooling or heating forced fresh air from out of doors. It sounds like a valuable function of living because it is. But, what if you had to go without it?

In the middle of the night, last summer the air conditioning just wasn’t quite working for us; we woke up to a steamy, humid, house and not a peep from the condenser unit on the side of the house, or so much as a whisper from the vents overhead. It seemed as if the sweat would not stop rolling as we tried to figure out solutions to keep cool. The end result was a much-needed phone call to a professional engineer who could diagnose and remedy the issue quickly. Twelve hours later, relief would arrive. At the end of a long hot day, the air conditioning repairman arrived from his list of residences to visit. He determined that we had indeed blown a fuse and the thermostat required repair. These were simple fixes, but he concluded that the inside of our home was approximately 90 degrees that night which was actually 14 degrees warmer than it was outside.

Smoldering conditions in the summer heatwave or shivering nights in a winter cool front is avoided by the regular care and maintenance to the vital HVAC system of your vehicle, office, or home structure. We depend on it every day to keep our time indoors as comfortable as possible. There are as many parts and functions as there are benefits to this invention, and we can’t appreciate it more than when it keeps us from sweating our summer months away. So to help keep your entire HVAC system up and running smoothly, administering regular check-ups on the function of the external parts will keep you abreast of any professional tune-up or replacement on the horizon.