Replacing you old heating system? Take Advantage of Energy Incentive Rebates!

Did you know that upgrading to new energy efficient heating equipment can qualify you to receive rebates from Intermountain Gas and Idaho Power. They offer these rebates to encourage homeowners to upgrade their heating and cooling systems to new more energy efficient options to decrease energy usage.

Western Heating is not only the experts at helping you extend the life of your system, our project managers are expert at helping you optimize your rebates for additional savings.

Here are some examples of available rebates

Get up $750 for switching from electric baseboard heat to qualifying high-efficiency equipment.

$350 on New Gas Furnace

$150 on Tankless Water Heater

$50 on Gas Water Heater


If you are considering replacing your old equipment, you could realize savings beyond lower energy cost and lower maintenance and repair costs. Your actually receive cash rebates to offset the cost of your new efficient system. Be sure and ask your project manager for details. Even if you have recently had a new system installed you may still qualify for these rebates. Give us a call and even if we didn’t install your system, one of our expert project managers here at Western will be happy to give you the information you need and help you through the process of applying for these rebates.

Upgrade to a new reliable and energy efficient Heating System and save!