It’s human nature to procrastinate and it’s easy to push off even important things that make our lives run smoothly. None of us like taking our car into the shop, cleaning out the gutters, or seeing the dentist once a year, but they are necessary things that save time, money, and headache in the end. It is even harder to take care of chores that are “out of sight, out of mind” so to speak…such as your heating and cooling system. We are used to going to the wall and with the click of a thermostat, able to keep ourselves warm in the winter and cool in the summer, completely taking for granite that that button controls a very expensive and necessary part of one of the biggest monetary and personal investments we make in our lives, our home.

Last week, here in our office our own air conditioning would not work. We were so busy getting ready for the busy summer season that somehow we neglected to tune up our own unit! We all have such busy lives of getting to work, picking up the kids from practice, etc., that we often overlook many small things in life such as scheduling a quick service call. We were already so busy that we did not even have a service technician around so a few of us spent the day, trying not to get grumpy in a hot office, while we waited for someone to be able to look at it and get it running. Our system is not even very old and while it did not require much to get her pumping out cold air, we could have saved ourselves the frustration had we not put it to the bottom of our To-Do list.

On that note, we are thankful it was only in the high 80s that we experienced a problem. Usually a system fails at the worst possible timing because it is being pushed beyond its capability such as the dead of winter or on a 100 degree summer day. With the weather quickly changing, it is important to do these things NOW. Most HVAC companies begin to have full schedules making it hard to fit into that busy schedule of yours and you do not want to settle for a service company. Usually the most reputable are booked first and you could end up with a no-name, under qualified service man with an opening. Don’t settle for less than the best and call ahead. Not to mention, if a breakdown happens or service is needed after hours, it can cost you extra.

So just like you change your oil to keep your car running clean and clean your teeth to prevent cavities, remember to regularly service your home’s heating and cooling system. Give us a ring and we can even give you info on our Blue Ribbon annual service program. Our Blue Ribbon members receive extended discounts, priority service, special offers and convenient reminders for your twice a year service calls.