In the January/February edition of “DucTales” an article explains that in 2008, NADCA initiated an Energy Research Project to collect the data to quantify and confirm the amount of energy that can be saved through the professional cleaning of HVAC systems. Through this effort, researchers at Colorado University have confirmed substantial savings attributable to cleaning even lightly fouled systems.

Heating and cooling systems are by far the biggest use of energy and our homes. Theses systems undergo daily use and ironically tend to be poorly maintained. These systems become heavy with dirt, dust, animal dander and more, thereby becoming unhealthy for occupants and both financially and environmentally inefficient.

Researchers in collaboration with NADCA, the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, discovered that by cleaning even a lightly fouled system provides, on average, an 11% savings on energy used for heating and cooling. This proves that even in newer buildings, dirty duct work can be problematic, increase energy use, and foster system failure.

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