The Importance of Water Heater Maintenance

What happens when you do not service a water heater on a regular basis? Build up of calcium deposits and other sediment can result in a non-functional water heater. Over a few years, the calcium buildup will become so severe that there is simply no way to recover the unit. As mineral deposits build on the bottom of your water heater, it not only loses capacity, but creates a barrier between the heat source and storage of your hot water.

Having your water heater serviced can lengthen the life of your unit and help eliminate cold showers, lukewarm water, and worse inconveniences like a broken or severely damaged unit. In the photos below, you can get a glimpse of an electric water heater that has been severely damaged from sediment buildup. The unit has actually been cut in half for a closer look. The mineral, sediment, and calcium buildup you seen in the bottom of the water heater tank shows just how severely a unit can be damaged over time.

During these cold winter months, especially for those with families, a simple service call can mean peace of mind and plenty of hot showers. If your home is ready for a new hot water heater, we have many options including ENDLESS hot water. For repair, replacement or maintenance to remove mineral and sediment damage, give us a call at (208) 319-1736 today!